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At Prakash Deep we are amazed every day by the intellectual potential of our students. We believe in fostering and challenging the children's inherent intelligence through our academic system. Our syllabi are based on NCERT guidelines. We strive to prepare our students to compete on an equal footing with students from mainstream schools.

Our academic program is made up of all major subjects including: English, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, History/ Social Studies which include Geography and Civics, Economics including Business Studies and Accountancy, Sciences, Computer Science and Robotics.  The children are also exposed to activities such as Arts and Crafts, Music and Dance and Self Defence. Additionally, we hold a number of Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) classes to encourage creative recycling of waste materials. Vocational training skills like Tailoring and Dress Designing are also part of the program

PrakashDeep is made up of classes from the nursery level to the 12th grade. Each class has a defined syllabus for each subject.

Academics Syllabi:

Computers Syllabi:

Robotics Syllabi:

Tailoring Syllabi:

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