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Self Defense

With the level of violence and crime against women and children increasing all around us, we felt that it was time to make the children aware of these hazards. As part of this awareness drive, we invited a highly trained expert in Martial Arts, Col. Jaideep Singh (Retd.), to instruct our wards in the art of self-defense.

Even the staff members were involved in this training, which started in November 2011. Col. Jaideep Singh continued to teach our wards every week for several months teaching them Krav Maga techniques.

Later some of our boys above 15 years joined the Martial Arts Classes held in the early hours of the morning in a public park in Sector 21-B.

Recently volunteer Olivia Lindsey from the United States spent two months teaching our boys and girls above the age of 14 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu self-defense techniques.

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