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Arts and Crafts

Art is about experiencing the joy of creating. It gives a child the ability to interact with the world around. At Prakash Deep, we believe that, in some ways, art is as important as language is. It is a more uninhibited mode of self-expression for a child. It expresses the child's inimitable spirit in a beautiful way. For this reason, art has become a central element of our children’s schooling in order to develop their imagination, creativity, motor skills and aptitude. Apart from painting and drawing, other arts and crafts activities at Prakash Deep include origami, creating utility items out of discarded waste materials, embroidery and tailoring.

The children's first introduction to colours came in the early years with coloured chalk on a wall that provided shade for us during schooling in the summer of 2004. As they continued their exploration of art from that point forward, they expressed what was hidden inside themselves in beautiful murals and drawings. Every year we select some of the paintings and drawings and turn them into greeting cards and calendars, which are then gifted to the supporters and volunteers of the school.


We are constantly inspired by our students' creativity, brought out in craft activities. One rainy day, the little children made their first paper boats and floated them in little puddles of water in the park. After that, we started origami (the art of folding paper), the Indian way. We organize a number of craft workshops to introduce new skills such as this. Presently, beautiful gift bags and gift envelops are created by these children out of hand made paper.

We instruct a number of students in stitching and tailoring as well. In addition to sewing skills, the children learn how they can help the environment with their own two hands. For example, they learn to create different kinds of shopping bags in cloth and jute to replace plastic bags.

In July 2012, the school set up a computer lab with a wifi connection. This gave us an opportunity to explore new ideas. Inspired by these new ideas, children and staff embarked on turning trash into constructive items of useful craft. Using wasted plastic water bottles, our children have created a beautiful Aquaponic Garden.   

We believe that giving the children an outlet to express themselves and to display their creativity empowers them. Experts are always invited to come to Prakash Deep and teach new skills to our children and staff. We hope you will come and share your special gifts and talents with us! 

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