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Music and Dance

Experts are invited to expose children to classical and folk dances of India. All the instructional and practice sessions take place in the park itself. Our open environment facilitates exposure for all children in the school irrespective of their age or ability. It is amazing to watch a whole lot of children present in the park learning wonderful songs and dances.
Groups of students put together special performances for celebrations such as Republic Day and Independence Day. This gives them a chance to showcase their skills and to build confidence by performing in front of others. It also provides great entertainment for the entire school and the guests that join us for these special day

The students have been able to study classical Indian dance with experts in dance who have visited us over the years. Not only does this develop their dancing skills, but allows them to connect with the rich culture of India. Watch the students participate in a dance lesson with one of our volunteer dance instructors on our YouTube channel!

The students have even practised typical dances of other countries when foreign volunteers have come to visit. The students always do a fantastic job! We encourage volunteers to teach our students about their cultures and to engage in fun activities such as these in order to connect our students to the broader world.

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