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Teachers' Training

When the school started in 2003 with seven students, founder Dr Savita Datt was the only teacher. As more and more children started coming to the school, the need for more teachers arose. Prakash Deep couldn't provide salaries at that time, so one of the first students, Sita Pantha, who was the oldest of the students' lot became the first teacher. For several years she worked diligently without drawing any salary from the school. She started on a salary of Rs. 500 per month ($10 approximately) thereafter.

While working for the school, she studied and finished her Senior Secondary then continued to do a Nursery Teachers Training Course and training in Computer Fundamentals. She was later sponsored for a course in Food Craft in the hospitality sector and she also attended a course in beauty culture. Inspired by Sita's success, Prakash Deep went on to help other incoming staff members to pursue additional education and training. Empowering the staff, many of which come from humble backgrounds with inadequate educational qualifications became an established principle of the school. As the years have progressed, Prakash Deep has been able to hire better-qualified teachers. However, the policy of empowering them continues.

A workshop was organized for them in July 2013 with Capt. Virender Singh from National Institute Of Information Technology (NIIT) lecturing them about the resources available to them to enhance their capabilities in every field with the use of information technology.

A group of volunteers from Ireland conducted another workshop in August 2013 wherein they instructed our staff in Integrated Unit of Work strategies. An integrated unit of work is a plan of work that links most subjects through a common theme. 

Presently Prakash Deep has initiated a Teacher Training Program, in which teachers practice spoken English and Computer Fundamentals.

Design for Change

In 2017, a workshop was conducted for Prakash Deep staff members by Design for Change Program representatives in the capital and NCR region. It was a short training session which taught the staff to get the best out of their students by  empowering them to graduate with crucial 21st Century Skills of Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity & Empathy.  The teachers were equipped with guidelines to get the children to find the hero within themselves and realise their latent potential.  This program had the maximum impact on the way teaching was carried out.

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