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Alternate Sources of Energy

In 2014, we started an awareness program to introduce children to alternate sources of energy. The first experiment comprised of creating cardboard models of solar cookers. A number of designs were tried and surprisingly they worked. Our children were thrilled.


Encouraged we tried yet another source of energy by turning an old exerciser bike into an energy producer. Initially, it was meant to get the errant children to expend their extra energy which they used in fighting into electrical energy, however, it never served as a punishment. It thrilled the children and they enjoyed pedalling. We stored the energy into a UPS and lighted bulbs with that. It was an exciting experiment which served multiple purposes like not only producing energy but also reducing calories. Yet another model of Energy through gravity was also created with the help of Vinayk Mittal.


In the new building, PrakashDeep’s dream of using alternate sources of energy was realized. The new Centre for Learning and Library now runs on Solar Energy.

Vinayak Mittal a B.Tech student who was volunteering with us helped us with the project. Watch how it works here-

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