Building Bridges Beyond Borders

Building bridges Beyond Borders is an extension of our program of Interaction with Regular Schools at the local level. It all started when we perceived the need for instilling confidence and raising levels of self-worth in our children coming as they were, from the marginalized section of society. Prakash Deep had been running for nearly six years when it occurred to us that such a program would not only enlighten us about where our children stood academically and otherwise vis-a-vis children coming from better backgrounds but it would also add to their personality development and self-assurance. In the process we were also able to sensitize children coming from regular schools to understand the needs of the poorer section of society; inspire them to share and care and get involved with volunteering. Our objectives were more than achieved when schools like Ryan International gave access to our children to their computer lab and Homerton Grammar School offered their Science Lab facilities apart from sharing their skills with them. 

Our level of interaction scaled up when graduate students of Engineering and Management streams from Manav Rachna University joined Prakash Deep for volunteering activities.  Highly educated ladies/ housewives, in the vicinity joined us as volunteers and have been volunteering with us dedicatedly for years now. We had also started receiving volunteers from different parts of the world, since 2008.


They worked with us taking care of ailing children; helping them with fine arts, music and dance; sports and whatnot.  As I write this images of Dr. Tyler and Kasey Tylor; Justin and Martin (who visited us twice), Kevin, Sophy and Steffi; Benedict and Walter ( Visited us more than once), Macy and Gabby and so many more -all spring up before my mind’s eye and I am filled with infinite gratitude. So many more lent a helping hand in the making of Prakash Deep- I want our school to be representative of that spirit of selfless love. I want these children to take that torch forward and reciprocate in a similar way to make this world a better place.

This program took a leap forward when Colin Bye a student of TASIS (The American School in England) visited India in 2011 and volunteered with us. He went home and started the Aid India Project in his school beginning with selling a photo-book he had created of his visit to us. Subsequently, he and his Mom raised more funds for Prakash Deep. 

When Colin left for college other students of TASIS including Shashank, Arthur, Jade, Lizzy, Natalia, Anne Mary, Zainep and Yuki  and several others I do not know the names of, took the program forward.  With Uta Reinikainen as the teacher in charge of the program the team of eight students mentioned above visited us in August 2014. It was an enriching experience for us at Prakash Deep and I hope TASIS students also found it as meaningful.