Prakash Deep is a non-governmental, not for profit organization set up with the objective of providing free and quality education to the underprivileged children in a safe and friendly environment. We firmly believe that these children are the untapped resources of the country and have immeasurable potential, which if left alone would turn into a liability.

PrakashDeep has seven Trustees, four highly qualified Advisers, between 31 and 34 Staff Members, 10 to 15 highly dedicated Volunteers to help the staff members to teach subjects like English, Mathematics and Sciences. From time to time volunteers from different parts of the world have joined us to share new skills and to promote cultural fusion.  The community living around sectors 21-A, B, C, D and Sector 45 in Faridabad have supported the cause of education for the poor and have individually come forward to help us with the basic needs of our children.

Volunteers from the Engineering and Management departments of the Manav Rachna University, YMCA, Narsee Moonji Institute for Management Studies (NMIMS) have helped and guided us over the years in a variety of projects.

Our objective is not only to provide free education but also to engage our students in a variety of programs that will develop them into happy and fully functioning members of society. We also offer programs to help underprivileged adults in the surrounding area.