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Prakash Deep aspires for the best and the latest. Although the change that is taking place right in front of our eyes is faster than one can keep pace with, we want to remain in sync with the technological advancement that is taking place. We try to ensure that our children know about the issues that concern the  welfare and  in fact the very survival of the human race . They should know what advancements are taking place in the crucial areas which are important. In our school the methods and concepts of teaching are under constant scrutiny and we are ever ready to implement the best tried out concepts and practices in the context of our special children.


There is special emphasis on human values. We are trying to inculcate global awareness, environmental literacy and  development of skills for the 21st century needs. We believe focus on creativity, learning by doing , critical thinking  and communication skills are crucial for preparing  children for the future. We welcome volunteers from where ever they are to join forces with us. 

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